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Board Member Roles and Responsibilities: Responsibilities and duties of WCIPF

Board of Directors include, but are not limited to:

1. Planning
a. Develop plans for services to those populations identified as appropriate for interagency services; be responsible for developing a comprehensive interagency plan for the delivery of services to families and children.
b. Develop specific outcome measures that include reductions in numbers of children entering out-of-home and out-of-state placements; increase number of children who are effectively supported and maintained in their homes.
2. Data Collection
a. Assure development of an integrated data collection system; conduct independent, ongoing analysis to determine the effectiveness of the data collection model.
b. Develop, in conjunction with the State of Maryland, the capacity to monitor service delivery, track outcomes, maximize federal funding opportunities and assure fiscal accountability.
3. Fiscal
a. Monitor the expenditure of all WCIPF funding.
b. Monitor provider services to assure that program funds are being expended in keeping with the priorities in the WCIPF Five-Year Subdivision Strategic Plan.
c. Allocate earned reinvestment/incentive monies to community-based services in accordance with Subcabinet guidelines.
d. Assure that federal and other funding opportunities are maximized in all family and children services in the jurisdiction.
4. Evaluation
Evaluate the progress of WCIPF efforts to assure target populations are being served and whether the planned service is being provided.
5. Monitoring
Establish procedures to track progress in achieving the outcomes noted in the WCIPF Five-Year Subdivision Strategic Plan.
6. Reporting
Prepare and review annually the Memorandum of Understanding between Worcester County’s Initiative to Preserve Families, the Worcester County Commissioners, and the State of Maryland.
7. Service Design
a. Develop specific models of service delivery within the parameters established by the State.
b. Develop community plans for reaching the goal of providing non-categorical intensive family preservation services to all families with a child at imminent risk of placement, and reduce the number of children in out-of-state placements.
c. Develop, implement, and evaluate plans for community-based, high risk, primary prevention, and early intervention services.

Appointment to the WCIPF Board of Directors shall be by the Worcester County Commissioners.

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Board Members Schedule and Locations Minutes Committees


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