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2009 LMB Cultural Competency Committee Membership:
Edward S. Lee, Committee Chair, Worcester County Branch - NAACP
Harry Basehart, Public Affairs & Civic Engagement (PACE) Salisbury University
Joyce Bell, Salisbury University
Pete Buesgens, Department of Social Services
Arnold Downing, Town of Berlin Chief of Police
Kate Kent, Worcester Youth and Family Counseling Services
Leila Krouse, Family Advocate
Shinika Pitts, Family Advocate
Goals and Objectives
Goal #1 Minority Representation

Goal: Worcester County boards and committees will be composed of minority representation as a percentage that mirrors the minority population by 2012.


The Cultural Competency Committee will support and encourage representation on the Worcester County boards and committees that reflects the demographics of Worcester County.
Establishing a community resource data bank of potential board/committee volunteers.

Goal # 2 Cultural Sensitivity Awareness/ Training

Goal: Worcester County professionals will increase their cultural sensitivity to more effectively serve diverse populations within Worcester County.


The Cultural Competency Committee will hold at least one training/event that is open and accessible to Worcester County professionals and community members annually.
The LMB will require vendors to adhere to the cultural competency standards.
Require surveys from the vendors with a rating scale - At least 90% of the population served will report very good to excellent services in terms of cultural competency on a satisfaction survey

Goal # 3 Practice/Policies Evaluations

Goal: To ensure the polices and practices of the LMB and its vendors are culturally competent.


The LMB vendors will adhere to the cultural competency standards that are currently incorporated in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
LMB vendors will be in compliance with 75% with the cultural competency standards by June 30, 2012.
Agencies that are not vendors of the LMB will be encouraged to promote the use the cultural competency standards.
The relevancy of the Standards for Cultural Competency will be maintained in timely reviews.

Goal #4 Direct Outreach to the Minority Community

Goal: Increase the engagement and input from the minority sectors of the community in the decision making process regarding key decisions in allocation of resources made by the LMB.


The LMB will build working relationships with groups of minority interests.
The LMB will utilize public relations tools to reach out to groups that represent minority interest.
Ensure greater minority participant in the Needs Assessment process.
Development of a public relations subcommittee for the Cultural Competency Community to implement a public relations strategic plan within 6 months after the Diversity Summit.
Ensure minority representation at all LMB board/committee meetings.
2009.2.18 Cultural Competency minutes FINAL.pdf
2008.11.19 Cultural Competency minutes final.pdf
2008 10.22 Cultural Competency minutes FINAL.pdf
2008.9.24 Cultural Competency minutes FINAL.pdf
2008.8.27 Cultural Competency minutes Final.pdf
2008.7.23 Cultural Competency minutes FINAL.pdf
2008.6.25 Cultural Competency minutes FINAL.pdf
2008.5.28 Cultural Competency minutes FINAL.pdf
2008.4.23 Cultural Competency minutes FINAL.pdf
2008.3.26 Cultural Competency minutes Final.pdf
2008.2.27 Cultural Competency minutes Final.pdf
2008.1.30 Cultural Competency minutes FINAL.pdf
2007.9.24 Cultural Competency minutes FINAL.pdf
2007.10.24 Cultural Competency minutes FINAL.pdf
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