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2009 LMB Executive Committee Membership:

LMB Officers and subcommittee chairs comprise the Executive Committee:
Pete Buesgens, Chair Executive LMB Committee
Edward Montgomery, Chair LMB Directors
Claudia Nagle, Chair LMB Homelessness Committee
Anne Turner, Chair LMB Evaluation Committee
Marty Pusey, Chair LMB Planning Committee
Sheila Warner, Vice-Chair LMB Planning Committee
Edward Lee, Chair LMB Cultural Competency Committee

Executive Committee Responsibilities
Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall consist of the WCIPF Chair
and Vice-Chair as well as all standing committee chairs. The Executive Committee
responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to:

1.Providing guidance to the WCIPF executive director on operational issues.
2.Responding to interim operational issues/decisions between meetings of the full Board.
3.Making recommendations to the full Board on policies and procedures.
4.Establishing job targets and evaluating the executive director on an annual basis.
2009.05.07 Executive mtg Final.pdf
2009.3.09_Executive_mtg FINAL.pdf
2009.1.8 Executive mtg FINAL.pdf
2008.11.13 Executive mtg FINAL.pdf
2008.9.4 Executive mtg FINAL.pdf
2008.7.3 Executive mtg FINAL.pdf
2008.5.1 Executive mtg Final.pdf
2008.3.6 Executive mtg FINAL.pdf
2008.1.10 Executive mtg FINAL.pdf
2007.9.6 Executive mtg  FINAL.pdf
2007.8.9 Executive mtg.FINAL.pdf
2007.12.6 Executive mtg  FINAL.pdf
2007.11.1 Executive mtg FINAL.pdf
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